Raider Group

This is our Raiding group. If you are not on it and wish to be, please get with an officer. If you are in the progression group and want to know what is needed to move to the core group, also, get with an officer. If you have any questions, please get with Felbourne as I maintain the list.

The Core Team will contain Demon Hunter, Monk, Mage, Warrior, Priest, Death Knight, Warlock (ideally), represented by an icon.

Role                                   Core

Tank                                 Nightbrewed

Tank                                 Corathos (Trial Position)

Healer                              Faithbo

Healer                              Eulogee

Healer                              Fåefåe

Healer/DPS                     Supermonkz

Melee                               Shabutíe

Melee                               Noxxee

Melee                               Brudilus

Range                               Thômàs

Range                              Angylofmagic

Range                              Filagree

Range                              Open

Range                              Sto 

Range                              Haities

Melee/Range                 Thalysra

Progression Raiders are those that will initially join us anytime, but after 5 wipes on a boss we will drop to core. Any new raider will be treated as progression for 3 nights, then determined where they stand.

Progression: Jericho, Kosef, Kendrain, Chewbacataco, Kugels, Crimson, Sayten, Vildainn Heillia, Taro, Demine, Zuuljin.

Farm raiders are those that need a bit more work on PVE awareness and mechanics. They are welcome to join us for Farm bosses, but will have to sit for progression fights, check out our progression page to see what fight is marked as what.

Farm Raiders: LilbabyIsaac,Bara

Back up tank is Stinkfists.

Back up heals are Brud or Sto.

Anyone else is welcome to join us on farm bosses. Thanks all and happy killing.