Fels Mythic+ Group

This is Felbourne’s Mythic+ Group. This is Felbourne’s group that he put together to push keys. The goal being getting into the mid teens by end of season.

Team “The High Fives”

Stinkfists – Tank

Faithbo – Healer

Sto – Ranged DPS

Brudilus – Melee DPS/Heal

Thômàs – Ranged DPS

Due to request we are adding more teams. This team runs Sunday at 9PM Server. The second team is as follows:

Team Eulogee

Bubblewrapp – Tank

Eulogee – Healer

Sto – Ranged DPS

Corathos – Melee DPS

Shabutíe– Melee DPS

The Next team runs Wednesday at 9PM server, and is as follows:

Team Ava

Nightbrewed – Tank

Bigempty – Heals

Angylofmagic – Ranged DPS

Filagree – Ranged DPS

Corathos – Melee DPS

Team “The Eiffel Towers”

Fourth team runs Mondays at 9PM and is as follows:

Steam – Tank

Fåefåe – Heals

Brudilis – Ranged DPS

Porterhause – Ranged DPS

Noxxee – Melee