Next Tier

Hey Team,


Going into next tier we have some changes happening. We tried to push a little harder this tier, but honestly came up short from our goal. So some adjustments are going to be made to try and fix that.


First, I am going to take a much larger role in raid leading. Ava has been doing it a long time and is just burnt out. He is still going to help out with calls (as I am not so good at that), but going to get some of the other duties of raid leading pulled off him, such as putting it together strats and such.


Secondly, we are changing raid times. We will still raid Tuesday and Thursday, but it will be starting 30 min earlier (8:30 PM Server) and ending 30 min earlier (11 PM Server).


The final and biggest change is going to be how we handle progression. First I want to define that. Progression is any boss not listed as “Farm” Status. A boss will be considered “Farm” after it is killed at least 3 times AND the officers make that call. Example is Zul. We may have killed Zul 3 times on heroic, but he is not farm yet. But Taloc would have been after the third kill without question.

So, there is going to be a few new tiers of raiders. And I am going to discuss the hardest first. There will be some raiders that will be sat on bosses that are not farm status. These players were decided by the officers, that they just need work on DPS/Class knowledge, or seem to struggle with mechanics, particularly new mechanics. It is a short list and we will get with everyone to explain why individually before we post the rosters.

The next tier of Raider will be our progression group of raiders. At the start of the evening all of the progression raiders will be welcome to join us and we will makes some attempts at some bosses.

The Last Tier is our Core raiders. It will be a rank in guild and comes with some bonuses. This group is who we consider our solid players that have proved themselves, are here, and up until this point have been the ones burdened with carrying some others.

Now how the night will go is going to be a set method. We will go into a raid. Once 5 attempts have been made on a boss (actual attempts not mis pull), a quick break will be called and a team of 2/4/10 (or variation of that depending on need) will be used from the core raiders, and everyone else will be sat. And every 5 attempts after that we will reevaluate if we need to swap people out on a fight to fight basis. When the boss goes down as long as there is more then 30 min in the raid left, we will bring everyone back and move onto the next boss (if less then 30 min, we may decide to move on as is or call it)

Now that being said, who is in what tier has mostly been decided. Officers are still discussing a few, and we will post it after everyone that needs to be talked to has been. And they are not set  length of time a person has to be in a tier. If you feel you should be moved to the next tier up, talk to myself or another officer. We will bring it up in our meeting and see if it is time to move you. We will try to stay on top of improvements, but things slip through the cracks at times, so do not be afraid to ask us.


Felbourne and the officers.