Hello everyone, So week one of raiding is behind us. We did a good job, and got some bosses down. Our plan is to progress a bit faster this xpac then we did in Legion, and that means some changes to raiding. We need everyone to step up a little bit and do their part to make this happen. None of this should be major, and we are not going to go all hardcore. We just want to make sure that all the people that do step up and put in the effort, get to see the fruits of that. So here is what you are going to start to see next week.
iLevel requirement is 330 Minimum – You also need to have the DPS to go along with that. I will be monitoring logs between pulls, if anyone is consistently low, they will be asked to sit for the current boss. If it is an issue two bosses in a row they will be asked to sit for the night. After the raid or the next day, I will get with that person and go over any details or specifics on what exactly was wrong, but at the time it will just be asking to sit. Please do not take it personal. I use numbers not opinion to make that call.
Bring your own Mats – Come ready to raid. Food, Flasks Pots, Tomes, Yes we will drop a Cauldron most nights, we may not drop 2. We are not doing feasts yet and we may not always so bring food. Pre-pots and pots are your responsibility not McRoyals. Everyone should have a tome or two just in case, do not rely on me. I am broke. I manage to have a few flasks. Get the flowers to McRoyal or another guild crafter, they will make them if that’s easier. Trade with guildies. That desperate? hit up an officer we will work something out. I need greens items to DE, I have an alchemist, lets trade. This guild will always help you. Just don’t ask for that help in raid or 20 min before. Be proactive and come prepared.
Have your add-ons up to date and the mandatory ones installed.
Sign Up, Show Up, Be On Time – so far after week one we have 3 no shows and 2 late with no notice. Need everyone to make it easier for us and sign up show up and be on time. Just let us know if you cant. Even if its 20 minutes before at least we know. We do not have attendance requirements for our raids, which is pretty unique, but we need to know what to expect. The rest is our standard rules we have always had. Check the pins in discord or the forums at